VDO Cockpit International® 333-045-002G RPM Counter, Ø80mm 24V


£ 126,50 VAT incl.


Measuring range: from 0 to 4,000 RPM
Scale: Single
Input signals from: Alternator terminal W
Ignition terminal: 1
Accuracy: Not specified by VDO
Connection: 8-pole AMP male connector 6.3 x 0.8mm
Lighting: 6.3 x 0.8mm (4x) AMP male connector

Mounting measurements:

Hole diameter and ring nut diameter: Ø 80 mm - 3 1/8 Inch en 85 mm - 3 1/3 Inch
Installation depth: 91 mm
Installation plane thickness with ring nut to be screwed: 0.5 mm - 23 mm
Installation surface thickness with bracket: 0.5 mm - 12 mm
Flush mounting: No

Nominal voltage: 21.5 - 30 V
Current consumption: <100 mA
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Short circuit protection: Not specified by VDO

Dial and hand:
Deflection angle: 320 °
6-digit dial + 60 minute strip
Dial color: BLACK
Dial lighting: Double lamp holder - 12V - 3,4 Watt White - (Green - Red and 24V - 3 Watt - optional)
Hand: Red Backlit

Model: VDO Cockpit International
Glass: Single Anti-glare
Standard Frame: Triangular BLACK (Pressed metal frame)
Standards and Protections: Frontal protection class: IP64 (DIN 40050) Anti-Ozone and UV
Rear protection class: IP42 (DIN 40050)
Relative humidity: Not specified by VDO
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 70 ° C
Mechanical Shock 8 hours: Max: 1G - 25Hz - 2000Hz
Standard CE certification: Yes
EMC test: According to EN 13309 and ISO 13766
Housing: Flame resistant plastic

The package includes
VDO Cockpit International 333 045 002G Engine rpm counter
2 x chromed brackets in galvanized steel


OE Code: 333-045-002G

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